Welcome! The Jo Buckland Massage and Beauty Company offers professional relaxation and beauty treatments through a unique mobile therapy service.

home microdermabrasion serviceEnjoy beauty treatments such as diamond microdermabrasion facials using only the best professional grade equipment, click here to see the skincare machines we employ.

The Jo Buckland service can bring the spa to your doorstep. Equipped with the best portable massage tables, steam sauna, nail care and skin care tools, and multifunction machines, we can meet your needs from head to toe.

Our most sought-after treatment, microdermabrasion, is offered as a stand-alone procedure or packaged with other skin care and beauty services. You can avail of a variety of facial treatments as well as body treatments from massage to waxing, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Enjoy a relaxing session of treatments, see and feel the benefits right away. Soothed muscles; smoother skin; and a renewed, revitalized, and glowing complexion. Taking a home appointment is just like getting a mini-vacation from everyday stresses and worries.

In addition, diamond microdermabrasion machines provide gradual abrasion that is much gentler than a chemical peel but is just as effective in giving you deep exfoliation and cleansing. Microdermabrasion delivers all that and without the post-treatment sensitivity and long recovery period.

Get in touch with us for an appointment today and be assured of getting the same level of professional treatment you would in a spa. Our company keeps only a small and select staff of highly trained, registered professionals. Our dedication to quality is reflected not only in our choice of equipment but also in the people that represent us.

If you need more information about our specialty services such as microdermabrasion machine treatments, the process, rates, scheduling appointments, etc., and our massage therapies including Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone, do not hesitate to contact us.


Mobile Beauty and Massage Therapy Services